의성어와 의태어

의성어 voices of animals (깔깔,엉엉)
의태어 voices imitating actions (아장아장,반짝반짝)

(This list was originally taken from EZ Corean but seems to have disappeared from there.) I’m putting it here and will add my own words as I come across them.

#many of these are followed by 거리다

# in general:
#~거리다 and ~대다 indicate that the action/sound is repeated
#~하다 the event happens just one time

What kind of vowel

# 아 is a small effect e.g. 앙앙 울다 (작게)
# 어 is a large effect e.g. 엉엉 울다 (크게)
# 오 is a small effect e.g. 콜콜 잤어요 (작게)
# 우 is a large effect e.g. 정신없이 쿨쿨 잤어요 (크게)

there are about a hundred words

# the words (just a sampling)
개굴개굴 the sound of frogs croaking
개골개골 a frog croaking
그럭저럭 to get by by some means or other EX A: 그 사람 어떻게 지내요? B: 그럭저럭
글썽 the eyes fill with water EX 눈물이 글썽해지다
글썽글썽 teary eyes EX 눈에 눈물이 글썽글썽 하였다

깜짝 to receive a sudden surprise
까르르 the sound you make when laughing happily
깔깔 laughing loudly, cackling 여자/아이 웃는 소리 EX 큰 소리로 깔깔 웃다
깡충깡충 the hopping of a bunny
껄껄 laughing loudly 할아버지가 웃을 때, 남자
꺼끌꺼끌 with a rough feeling to it
껑충껑충 the jumping of a kangaroo EX. 껑충껑충 뛰다, 물가는 껑충 뛰다
꼬깃꼬깃 crumpled, wrinkled up
꼬르륵 the sound of a hungry stomach EX 배에서 꼬르륵 소리가 나다
꼬박 waiting intently ( 어떤 상태 그대로 기다리거나 밤을 새우는 모양 )
꼬박꼬박 to make regular installed payments EX 꼬박꼬박 적금하다 to make regular savings deposits, 매달 월세를 내요 everymonth I pay the rent
꼬치꼬치 to ask detailed questions EX 꼬치꼬치 묻다 to inquisitively inquire
꽁꽁 (1) to get a mental block (2) to tie up tightly (3) to be frozen solid and not moving
꾸깃꾸깃 crumpled, wrinkled up ( == 꼬깃꼬깃)
꾸역꾸역 to eat by the mouthful
꾸벅꾸벅 to make repeated bows to; nodding the head when sleeping in a sitting position
꾸벅꾸벅 졸고 있다 nodding their heads while sleeping
꾹꾹 squeezed tightly EX 꾹꾹 눌리다
꿀꺽 to gulp down, swallow EX 침 한번 꿀꺽 넘기고 나서
끙끙거리다 to moan EX 끙끙거리는 소리 (a moaning voice)

달가닥 clinking sound of things bumping together.
달달 to pester for something, to annoy EX 달달 볶다 to pester
데굴데굴 somebody is rolling around on the ground in pain EX 데굴데굴 구를 정도였다
동동 jump up and down to keep warm EX 발만 동동 구르다 (구르다: stamp your feet)
도란도란 murmuring in whispers/talking softly in a small group (큰말: 두런두런 which is used when there are many 남자 talking)
동동 to stamp the feet because it’s cold or you are impatient EX 발을 동동 구르다
두근 beating of a heart, pitter-patter
두근두근 heart beating really fast, because of excitation
두리번두리번 looking around in a confused manner
둥실 floating lightly EX 하늘에 둥실 떠 있는
둥실둘실 floating lightly
뒤죽박죽 topsy-turvy, in a mess
드르렁 snoring loudly EX 드르렁 코를 골다 to snore loudly
들락날락 frequently coming-and-going
들락날락 leaving and coming, going in and out
들썩들썩 to rise up slightly, to get lifted up slightly EX 엉덩이가 들썩들썩거렸다

따끔 prickly, sore EX 따끔 쑤시다 to be prickly, sore, hurting
딱 a brief, short sound EX 딱 소리나게
딸가닥 clinking sound of things bumping together.
또박또박 carefully, precisely
똑똑 a knocking sound, like on a door EX 문을 똑똑 두드리다
뚝뚝 tears dripping one-by-one
뚜벅뚜벅거리다 to strut (walking style)

맨들맨들 really smooth (opp. 꺼끌꺼끌) EX 와, 이 것 참 밴들맨들하다.
모락모락 thick/dense stem rising (연기날 때) ex) 김이 모락모락 오르는 다운 해장국
무럭무럭 thicker/denser stem rising (연기날 때); growing fast/perceptibly
뭉게뭉게 thick clouds
미끌미끌 very slippery EX. 바닥이 미끌미끌해
미끈미끈 very slippery, 보기에 좋은 것 , oily, greasy

방실 to smile widely EX 방실거리다
방실방실 a baby smiling because it is happy
벌국거리다 to be blown in and out, expand and deflate
벌떡 spring up with a sudden start
벌러덩 falling over slowly backwards with your arms splayed out EX 벌러덩 넘어졌어
벌렁 the beating of an excited heart
벌름거리다 to be blown in and out, expand and deflate
벌컥벌컥 … 들이켜다 gulping sth down
보글보글 be boiling well EX 보글보글 끓다 ( boiling briskly), 된장찌게는 보글보글 끓다
부글부글 to be seeming with anger or boiling violently EX 속이 부글부글 끓다, 화가나서 마음이 부그부글해요
빈둥빈둥 lazy EX 빈둥빈둥 놀다 be lazy and play around
빙그레 with a gentle smile while making no sound 소리 내지 않아요
빤짝빤짝 twinkling / the eyes of a bright student
빼빼 very skinny EX 어렸을 때 오죽 빼빼 말랐다
뻘뻘 to be sweating profusely EX 땀을 뻘뻘 흐르다
삐뚤삐뚤 with a stagger EX 글씨가 전부 삐뚤삐뚤하다

사뿐사뿐 with soft footsteps, walking softly
살금살금 on the sly, surreptitiously
살살 gently, slightly, softly EX 살살 아프다, 주사를 살살 놔 주세요 (put it in gently)
새근새근 peacefully EX 새근새근 잠을 자다 to sleep like a baby
산들산들 a breeze blowing gently, used only for the wind EX 바람이 산들산들 불다
살랑살랑 a breeze blowing gently, also a dog wagging its tail, sway (엉덩이 or 꼬리) EX 바람이 살랑살랑 불다
생글생글 웃는 사람 smiling repeatedly and appearing friendly
서글서글하다 friendly and social
섬뜩섬뜩 scary
송글송글 beads of sweat forming EX 송골송골 땀방울이 맺히다
슬슬 slowly, leisurely, lightly, 조금씩 조금씩 / 눈치를 보면서
슬쩍슬쩍 ( 살짝 ) to do sth fast and quickly, before others notice EX 도둑이 하는 행동 like a thief
시시콜콜 asking in detail EX 시시콜콜 캐묻다 (-> 케물어요 )
싱글벙글 smiling widely 기분이 아주 좋아요
싱숭생숭 your mind wanders or gets scattered because of uneasiness. 마음에 뭔가 이상해요. EX 봄에는 마음이 싱숭생숭해지다. 헤어진 여자 친구 생각하니 마음이 싱숭생숭해요.

쌀쌀하다 to be chilly (the weather) EX 날씨가 쌀쌀하다
썩 very much EX 두 사람이 썩 잘 어울리지다, 썩 자연스럽지는 않아도
소근 whispering very softly
쏙 to be either sticking out very much or sunk in very deeply EX 옷 마음에 쏙 들겠다
쑥쑥 very rapid growth EX 대나무가 쑥쑥 자라요.
쑥쑥 rapidly, quickly EX 한눈에 쏙쏙 들어오는 이야기 고사성어

아슬아슬 dangerously
아장아장 a walking baby EX. 아가가 아장아장 걷다 a baby walks
알콩달콩 ?
앙앙 crying (a baby, or an adult who is really balling)
어정어정 an adult strolling
엎치락뒤치락 (1) rolling over and over (2) a competition being neck and neck
알록달록 spotted, with spots/patterns/lines of different colors (a leapord stripe shirt with black, yellow, white, red)
엉금엉금 a crawling baby
엉엉 to be balling your eyes out (4, 5 years or older kid)
엎치락뒤치락 tossing and turning
오락가락 coming and going EX 정신이 오락가락하다 , 비가 오락가락 (starting and stopping)
오르락내리락 rising and falling, going up and down
오순도순 in a friendly way EX 어순도순 정을 나누다
와들와들 very severe shivering, trembling, shaking
울고불고하다 carry on(crying and weeping)
울퉁불퉁하다 irregularity, being not smooth, roughness ; to have an uneven surface
움찔움찔 to flinch, to coil
웅성거리다 to be making a commotion
으슬으슬 to be very cold EX 날씨가 조금 으슬으슬 춥다

잔뜩 full to capacity
재잘대다 clatter on, prattle on, go on about
쟁강 a loud crashing sound EX 접시가 ∼ 깨뜨리다
졸졸 the gentle sound of flowing water EX. 시냇물은 졸졸 흐르다
좔좔 swash, to be gushing/flowing out of EX. 기름이 좔좔 흐르는 떡
주렁주렁 in clusters EX 열매가 주렁주렁 달리다
주룩주룩 to be pouring rain
주르르 to be streaming down (flowing down, water)
줄줄 liquid slowly leaking out; fluidly, with ease EX 물이 줄줄 새다
중얼중얼 to mumble, mutter
짝짝 to tear to pieces
째깍째깍 see 째까닥째까닥
째까닥 tick-tock of a clock, (2) 바로 very quickly after
쨍그랑 a loud crashing sound EX 접시가 ∼ 깨뜨리다

쩔쩔매다 (1) a hot, scorching sun; (2) perplexed EX 돈없어서 쩔쩔맸어요.
쫙쫙 the sound of continuously falling water EX 소나기라도 쫙쫙 내려 주면 …
쭈뼛쭈뼛 hesitantly, nervously (어린아이는 선생님 앞에) and very scared (so that the hair stands on its end)
쭉 (1) all the time (2) in a straight line
쯧쯧 tsk-tsk with the tongue (at a sign of trouble)

차곡차곡 in neat orderly fashion
차근차근 step-by-step, methodically EX 법을 차근차근 가르치다
차례차례 one after another, in succession
칙칙폭폭 chug-chug (the sound of a locomotive)
철둑철둑 walking with a limp leg

콕콕 a sticking, pricking pain EX 콕콕 찌르다
콱 holding something tight and fast
쾅쾅 the sound of metal things banging together
콜록콜록 a cough, a hacking sound
쿨쿨 to be sleeping soundly

터벅터벅 to be plodding along EX 길을 터벅터벅 걸어가다
텅 the sound of hitting something empty
투덜투덜 complain, grumble

팔짝팔짝 to jump up quickly/suddenly
펄펄 to be actively boiling EX 펄펄 끓다, 열이 펄펄나요
푹 sleeping soundly and deeply; 많이 / 오래 EX 푹 쉬어요. 푹 삶아요.

허둥지둥 performing an action very fast
화끈 a sudden flash or burning sensation
활활 to be burning vigorously EX 벽난로에서 활활 타고 있다
홀짝홀짝 sipping softly, sipping a drink softly
훌쩍 (1) sniffling up nose snot, (2) 아무말도 없이 가버린다.
훌훌 to be burned, to go up in flames (2) in big slurps EX 훌훌 마시다 (3) to leaf through a book EX 훌훌 넘기다 (4) slipping in and out of clothes
훨훨 (1) a bird flying with big flaps (2) in great big flames EX 내 마음이 훨훨 날 것 같아요.
흠칫흠칫 jerking your body out of surprise
힐끗힐끗 stealing glances at

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