I feel a bit discouraged today about my language learning work. I can’t seem to get 10 hours with language helpers every week. With the semester ending I’ll have to a whole new set of helpers. People are so busy it’s hard to even find someone who I can meet regularly every week

I met with two high school girls yesterday and we worked on a book for an hour. I almost felt I hadn’t progressed at all in the last several months.

I actually have made some progress. I am especially looking at the last two months.

1. In the last two months I’ve dramatically increased the number of words in my vocabulary. As I have a breather one of the most useful consolidating things I can do is make a word list so I have an idea of how many words I know and also what domains I am weak on.

2. I’ve become a lot more confident speaking and describing random situations. Some days it seems nobody understands me. Other days it seems I make am able to communicate well. Sometimes people seem quite impressed too (I don’t know if it’s for valid reasons though).

3. I finished 2 books — The Little Prince and The Little Match Girl. I have recordings for that.

4. With ne of my language helpers we talk more than half the time in Korean.

5.I have my first friend that I made solely in the Korean language. I think this might be the first same age friend that i’ve had the relationship solely in another language.

6. It’s been wonderful I’ve been able to find language helpers. Even though I haven’t been able to get 10 hours weekly, I’ve been meeting regularly with lots of people to help me in all different ways in language learning. This is a big difference than two months ago.

7. I have learned more how to conduct a language learning session (something I didn’t really have any idea how to do in December).

8. I can read street signs and Korean I see other places pretty easily now. This gives me more ways to improve my Korean.

9. I had a 5 hour conversation in Korean this Sunday. This was also a first.

10. I have many more materials, picture books and experience asking for help. I’ve also been able to ask for help and practice Korean with random people much more.

I’m pretty sure I’ve passed my the Mongolian language peak counting both vocabulary and grammar. However, I feel like I know less. Maybe I have much higher goals and know more of the work involved, so the amount I’ve accomplished seems little compared to the goal.

There are some positive developments for the next couple months.

1. G* is going to be my roommate. This will give me much more chance to ask Korean questions or practice Korean sentences with him. Also since I’ll be much more around him I can listen when he talks with friends or relatives.

2. Even though some of my language helpers are leaving for the summer or have already left, several will stick around for at least part of the summer.

Below I want to make a list of some of my goals and things i want to work on. It’s evident that working with people and using Greg Thompson’s approach and picture books is really helping. However, there are still many things that I need to improve on.

1. I want to continue to increase my vocabulary dramatically.

2. I want to make many more friends where our relationships will be only in Korean.

3. I think I need more helpers so that I can put in more hours per week.