Items that I need to improve upon:

4.I want to thoroughly review volume 1 of the Seoul Korean book by the end of next week June 21. Starting the week after next I want to start mastering volume 2 of Seoul Korean and finish volume 2 by July 19. To help me master these books in the most time efficient and productive way I need to get someone to record the dialogues and example sentences in the Seoul Korean book. By September 19 I want to finish book 3. (Perhaps I’ll be able to finish earlier because I’ll be doing language learning on the side.) Four months afterwards if I continue learning Korean I can finish book 4 (January 19).

5. Increase my language sessions to 10 hours a week.

Below are the strategies to accomplish my goals.

1. To increase my language time I need more language helpers. Do I also need more free time period? What about my tutoring this boy?

2. I have a couple strategies for recruiting a reader for the Seoul books. Either I’ll ask Korean friends if they know of anyone or recruit one of the students that frequent the bus stop near my place. The recruiter can be either a guy or a girl. I am more than willing to pay the reader, because it will be somewhat boring.