(Early morning, around midnight). I am very lucky. I had a good two hours or so of study with M*  this week on Thursday. Today later after I have slept I’ll meet with at least three more people (hopefully four) for two hours of lessons each.

A very nice 21 year old answered my advertisement on Hanlingo and seems quite eager to spend an hour to two hours every week recording dialogues and paragraphs for me in Korean. My advertisement on hanlingo classifieds said:

Help Recording Korean Paragraphs and Dialogues

Hi, I’m looking for someone who can help me make an audio recording (reading onto mp3) of isolated paragraphs, small dialogues and example sentences for my Korean study. There is no need to be a voice talent, I just need someone who can read clearly. 🙂 If you would like to help please contact me.

The lady who responded is a very nice person in Seoul and I think will be able to read very nicely (although I haven’t heard her yet). She seemed happy with the 4 thousand won per hour rate. I will also provide her with the money to buy EBS 입이 트이는 영어 which she said would be very helpful for her English study. I want to meet her in Seoul maybe every couple months to help her with her English. Her hiring is quite a major breakthrough — seeing Seoul as a resource in language learning has been quite helpful.

I should make a list of the generic language learning books I have collected so far with perhaps some notes on how useful they have been. Lexicarry has been very very useful. I bought English Action Pictures and hopefully it will come at the end of this month and I can use it to supplement my picture story activities.

This helper will be an incredible resource but there are two things I need to make sure of — take full advantage of the help she can provide and realise that at the same time that is a very small part of my language learning process –the hours in actually conversation are my most important learning periods.