I have to be better at writing in my journal entries. It’s much much easier than it was at first — it was so hard then, but still too hard.

I really want to finish memorizing all the words in the 500 Basic Verbs list and then the Survival Korean book. Although I want to start working on Hanja, those first two book are my first targets and highest priority. I have to put all the Survival Korean into Flash My Brain as well as memorize all of them.

I definitely have to spend more time in intensive reading.

Maybe a month ago I suddenly started understanding things on the street a lot — it was almost as if someone had turned a switch on. Very nice. :-). I have also been more relaxed about language learning. Relaxing is very important for language learning it seems. I was reading somewhere that language learning ability is inversely proportional to stress. This very much surprised me, and I want to remember that more.