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I finished reading Charlotte’s Web today.

Switching interfaces

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I’ve been really bad at writing in my Korean journal every day. Dear me! It’s mainly because I’ve been so tired, I think. If i’m not tired, than I can think and have energy to write. Otherwise it’s very hard. I’ve got a lot of reading done though, and I’ve really seen that I’m a lot more comfortable reading Korean then before.

I switched my cellphone to Korean yesterday, and was very worried and confused about a message from S* so switched it back. . and then back again. Gmail I switched to Korean yesterday night and Google Docs I switched right now. I think I can keep it switched. I decided I should take the plunge because I realised I was able to navigate much more with written Korean and I wasn’t as intimidated by it as before. Also I was reading a part of Developing Participation and the author was stressing the importance of being very serious about switching everything we do into the new language if we wanted to truly learn the language well and fully.

Developing communities of practice

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Developing communities of practice — I seem to have finally got somewhere in several different ways developing communities of practice both at school and to a much larger extent at church and in G*’s community of friends.
I also seem to have almost (and finally) arranged 8 hrs of solid Korean language practice for next Saturday. I would like to keep this up — although the week after next I won’t be attending because I’ll attend the conference with 2nd youth group.

I finished half of Charlotte’s Web yesterday after midnight. Another goal reached. . .now I have to finish the rest very quickly!

I want to make flashcards from the whole book Survival Korean this week — I see it’s been a goal for a while. Perhaps towards the end of next week I’ll get a d35 so then it will be important.

I want to do lots of extensive reading. To do this I’ll read several children newberry prize fiction books that I really enjoy.

I’ll finish Charlotte’s Web, and then finish Eijah of Buxton. I want to finish both books by the 29th. Afterwards I want to read Number the Stars, Ramona and her Father, and The Long Winter.

I need to also write in my diary.

Reading in Korean

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After Charlotte’s Web I want to read a Korean book of about the same hardness as Charlotte’s Web once a week (a book that has been translated from English). My thought right now is that I should try the first Harry Potter book after Charlotte’s Web. Thus in the next month I’d like to read four books.

Goals for this week

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I would like to make weekly goals and weekly review where I see how far I’ve met those goals — what things I need to work on and what encouragements or things I’ve been able to do.

I am thinking more and more that I would like to buy a Iriver D35 dictionary. . partly for the dictionary function. Partly also because I want something I can record with and listen at the same time for language sessions. Partly also so I can do flashcards on it and read files and pdf books and notes. This is useful because I possibly an scan in grammar books that I like reading often and then read them often in the pdf format. I can also read linguistics files and notes I’ve written to myself. I can also watch Charlie Chaplin movies in our language sessions and discuss them. Cost is a bit expensive. . . hopefully I can get it after my next pay day.

Goals for this week (finish Sunday February 8)

1. Type in and check Korean Vocabulary words till and including lesson 11.

2. Master all 500 words from 500 Basic Verbs.

3. Master all the words of Korean Vocabulary till and including lesson 6.

4. Finish reading Charlotte’s Web.

5. Finish first story in One Bowl of Noodles.

6. Write 6 diary entries, and correct all former entries.

New Year

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–I still haven’t started a language portfolio. Maybe I’ll get a folder today and try to start it today.

–The last two weeks I’ve had constant practice at my home stay as well as good cultural experiences with family for New Year.