I would like to make weekly goals and weekly review where I see how far I’ve met those goals — what things I need to work on and what encouragements or things I’ve been able to do.

I am thinking more and more that I would like to buy a Iriver D35 dictionary. . partly for the dictionary function. Partly also because I want something I can record with and listen at the same time for language sessions. Partly also so I can do flashcards on it and read files and pdf books and notes. This is useful because I possibly an scan in grammar books that I like reading often and then read them often in the pdf format. I can also read linguistics files and notes I’ve written to myself. I can also watch Charlie Chaplin movies in our language sessions and discuss them. Cost is a bit expensive. . . hopefully I can get it after my next pay day.

Goals for this week (finish Sunday February 8)

1. Type in and check Korean Vocabulary words till and including lesson 11.

2. Master all 500 words from 500 Basic Verbs.

3. Master all the words of Korean Vocabulary till and including lesson 6.

4. Finish reading Charlotte’s Web.

5. Finish first story in One Bowl of Noodles.

6. Write 6 diary entries, and correct all former entries.