Developing communities of practice — I seem to have finally got somewhere in several different ways developing communities of practice both at school and to a much larger extent at church and in G*’s community of friends.
I also seem to have almost (and finally) arranged 8 hrs of solid Korean language practice for next Saturday. I would like to keep this up — although the week after next I won’t be attending because I’ll attend the conference with 2nd youth group.

I finished half of Charlotte’s Web yesterday after midnight. Another goal reached. . .now I have to finish the rest very quickly!

I want to make flashcards from the whole book Survival Korean this week — I see it’s been a goal for a while. Perhaps towards the end of next week I’ll get a d35 so then it will be important.

I want to do lots of extensive reading. To do this I’ll read several children newberry prize fiction books that I really enjoy.

I’ll finish Charlotte’s Web, and then finish Eijah of Buxton. I want to finish both books by the 29th. Afterwards I want to read Number the Stars, Ramona and her Father, and The Long Winter.

I need to also write in my diary.