I’ve been really bad at writing in my Korean journal every day. Dear me! It’s mainly because I’ve been so tired, I think. If i’m not tired, than I can think and have energy to write. Otherwise it’s very hard. I’ve got a lot of reading done though, and I’ve really seen that I’m a lot more comfortable reading Korean then before.

I switched my cellphone to Korean yesterday, and was very worried and confused about a message from S* so switched it back. . and then back again. Gmail I switched to Korean yesterday night and Google Docs I switched right now. I think I can keep it switched. I decided I should take the plunge because I realised I was able to navigate much more with written Korean and I wasn’t as intimidated by it as before. Also I was reading a part of Developing Participation and the author was stressing the importance of being very serious about switching everything we do into the new language if we wanted to truly learn the language well and fully.