Maximum throttle

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I’m trying to think these days about how to go forward at maximum throttle onward in language learning. I want to study very hard till the test but also think already beyond the test to how best to learn lots and lots of language.

I want to log each day my listening time. Compete with myself to increase the listening time.

After my test I want to learn 10 Korean Hanja per day and finish 1500 hanja in 5 months. I’m still debating how useful that will be. . . maybe I should put it off and concentrate instead on vocabulary and listening and speaking for now. Or I could start 5 hanja a day and then see how that goes and then increase that. I don’t want to spend too much time on it.

Starting today I want to start sentence mining. Try it for a month at least — 50 new sentences per day and keep up on the SRS.

Bible listening

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–I got lots of people to study with on Saturday. I have to write people and make arrangements tonight and early tomorrow.

–I think I need to make sure I get some certain things done each day with regard to language learning — journal entry, some reading, some vocabulary words and some test study are all quite important I think.

–The day before yesterday I bought a small Korean 쉬운성경 so I could do my Bible reading in Korean. The next day, yesterday, I bought the cds for a dramatic reading of the whole 쉬운성경 — 104 cds in all (each about an hour long). I decided to buy it because neither I, Hyung or Joshua could find it online, and I felt it was a good investment specially reading blog and reflecting on the importance of listening and the listening corpus from the stuff that Greg Thompson wrote. Khatzumoto also writes about the importance of immersing yourself in language all the time so that you’re allways hearing something in the langauge.

I was also encouraged because I had Intermediate Listening cd that I ripped and listened too with only a little bit of analysis of the first chapter. However after listening to it many many times in a various situations how much I could understand.

I see Khatzumoto said recently: “I imagine there must be a direct correlation between media possession and language fluency…I’m just saying…:D” I think that’s probably true. Onward go!

Specially as I’m working out listening is important. I’ve been taking Khatzumoto’s advice on listening seriously, sometimes just having it in the background. . . trying to drastically increase my Korean listening every day so that there is no real (or very little) dead time that way. With the Bible I can do it much easier. . . because it’s a nice thing to listen to.

–I want to finish Genesis very quickly.

All Japanese All the Time

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I’ve been reading the  All Japanese All the Time  blog recently. It’s tremendously encouraging.