I am feeling rather depressed about my language learning these days. I spend a lot of time on it and a lot of energy and I even see a lot of improvement for a while and then it seems I’m back at the same place again. I need to relax, take a step back, even maybe do something different and get my bearings again.

I don’t know what exactly to do. I obviously am outgunned on the words. Reading has helped a lot but I need to continue working hard on that and have a plan to conquer that side of things.

I also need to write in my diary every day starting from today for a month and then judge my improvement. It gives me a chance to practice self expression and switch the words from passive knowledge to productive knowledge. Because I have an electronic diary I’ll write the first draft on paper and then upload it to lang-8. When it’s corrected I’ll put it on Pimiriya. Every once in a while I’ll print out a nice copy at one of the copy places in school.

101 Korean Class is very good for getting very natural listening input and also lots of common words and phrases that are hard to find other places but are used often. Also very good for really drilling in grammar points. Ripping the audio of Korean dramas is also a very good way to get loads of listening content.

My goals for this month — get 2700 more sentences in Anki and write a journal entry every day. I should also review anki regularly and read regularly.

I typed in 200 more sentences today. Only 500 more to hit this week’s goal! 🙂