These days I’m disappointed because I can’t seem to get as much studying as I scheduled. I’m reading a lot of odds and ends which is important for maintaining an immersion environment, but not doing half as many reps or typing in half as many new sentences as I should. This typing in of sentences and doing reps is immensely important, specially because my vocabulary needs to dramatically improve, and there are lots of grammar forms that I need to learn or become more familiar with. I’m keeping a daily log of how much study I do per day. . . that will keep me motivated I think and help me to be more disciplined and reduce time wasters.

It’s useful, very useful to surf the web looking for more resources and information on language learning or other useful motivational material, but it takes time from processing Korean or doing Korean study, which is not good.

Onward ho!

I’ll start trying to put a lot monolingual definitions in my SRS.