Not doing very well in my sentence count. Everything I put in helps a lot, but I wish I could put so so much more.

I have to type more sentences daily into my SRS. Mine other areas besides dictionary. I should finish the Adjectives tomorrow and Monday start working heavily on the Survival Vocabulary book putting in sentences for words I don’t know or I don’t feel as comfortable with. I should start adding sentences from books and comics and drama scripts as well. Big question these days, if I stay here another year, how can I dramatically increase my Korean during that time — where is the best place to live, etc. If I stay here another year I want to be really good by the time I leave. Also how can I practice speaking and listening to more Korean in real situations?

I should also keep using the Compound verb book and finish that as soon as possible as well. Other places to mine sentences from are 101 Korean class and definitely Using Korean. My grammar books can also prove to be a rich source. . . but it will be good and fun to start mining from authentic material.