Day 8

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Today I read 데살로니가전서 (1 Thessalonians) and the children’s book 난 학교 가기 싫어. It’s a cute story about a little girl who doesn’t want to go to school.

I tried memorizing Bible verses when I first came to Korea a little more than a year ago, but I found that to do it at the beginning of language study was an awful lot of work and a bit frustrating. However when I was reading 1 Thessalonians today it seemed like it might be doable. So this week I’ll be trying to memorize the first chapter with 쉬운 셩경.

I’ll leave for a month trip to other parts of Asia July 17, so for that month my language goals will have to be different. However for the next two weeks some of my goals are:

Write a diary entry every day
Increase sentences in SRS (I want to do a hundred a day but so far it hasn’t been possible every day)
Do Anki review every day

My favorite phrase today: 아기를 깨울세라

New Sentences Input: 121
Read: 데살로니가전서 and 난 학교 가기 싫어.
Diary: 6 sentences

Day 7

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Today was a very bad day studywise, but I did go to the library and get three new children books and write a 12 sentence diary entry.

Day 6

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I didn’t get any studying today because I spent most of today at church listening to Korean service and afterwards hanging out with Korean small group members.

Study update

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Highlight: Thursday, I was able to tell the train people that I lost a watch and arrange by phone to pick it up. That was a kind of simple but nice accomplishment.

Today I will have two hours of Korean practice with a helper — the first I’ve had in a long long time. I’ve started to log my study again this week — I think it’s important because I’m studying little bits by little bits but not studying as concentrated as I should. Specially the last several weeks it has been hard because I had to prepare for open class. I need lots more practice speaking and listening to Korean, and also lots more hours reading Korean and studying (looking up sentences and going through my SRS.)

For my trip to China and Mongolia I want to work primarily on Hanja, but bring a book or two to read as well (maybe one book). Also I’ll bring my Korean Bible (of course) and my mp3 player stocked full of audio so I can practice listening.

Day 5

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Today I read the children’s books 눈의 여왕 스텔라, and finished 내 친구 네이선 (I had fallen asleep reading it last night). The first is about a snowstorm, and the second about a child remembering his friend who died.

I also had a two hour language session with a Korean friend this afternoon. We used two stories from More Comics and Conversation as a jumping off point. In the last half hour or so we watched seven minutes of Mr. Bean on a Blind Date. Then my friend talked for two and half minutes about what happened while I recorded him. Afterwards we both listened to the recording together, pausing at words or phrases that I couldn’t catch or didn’t know.

My favorite phrase today: 윽박 지르다
New Sentences Input: 85 (more than half connected to words from Survival Korean Vocabulary)
Read: 난 너하고 달라 pg. 94 – 118, 눈의 여왕 스텔라, 내 친구 네이선
Language Session: 2 hrs

Day 4

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I read 나의 를리외르 아저씨, a children’s book about and old man who fixes books. I wrote down a list of words from the book. I’ll include sentences with those words in my SRS.

Day 3

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Today I didn’t get much studying in.

Day 2

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Anki: 14.3 minutes, 92 reps
New Sentences Typed: 64

Day 1


I’ve been studying Korean for a while, but for the purposes of this record, I’ll consider this to be day 1.

Anki: 1.1 hr, 440 rep (100 reps are new)
New Sentences Typed: 2
Read: 난 너하고는 달라 pg. 55-94

Good sentences

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Getting good sentences is addicting but also hard work.


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Some nice experiences this week. More and more just using Korean at work and feeling more comfortable speaking to J* Ssem, Jj* and I* Ssem in Korean. Need to continue to use Korean there to help me get Korean practice.

When I met for a meal Wednesday evening had a lot of time just interaction in Korean, very fun relaxing, and nice to be immersed in Korean environment. The country village where I live might be key in a lot of ways because in the main city too many people such as at church know English. The meeting with the Hengjeongshil people included the highlight of telling the Mr. Bean shopping story in Korean. Very fun. I need to start using this for my language sessions.

Also last night Jee* called and we arranged a whole meeting on the phone in Korean.

SRS now have a Victory Chart on my wall. I finished adjectives but haven’t got much farther this week.

Also I haven’t been meeting people for concentrated Korean study. I really need to do so and not slack off in that part of language learning.