Some nice experiences this week. More and more just using Korean at work and feeling more comfortable speaking to J* Ssem, Jj* and I* Ssem in Korean. Need to continue to use Korean there to help me get Korean practice.

When I met for a meal Wednesday evening had a lot of time just interaction in Korean, very fun relaxing, and nice to be immersed in Korean environment. The country village where I live might be key in a lot of ways because in the main city too many people such as at church know English. The meeting with the Hengjeongshil people included the highlight of telling the Mr. Bean shopping story in Korean. Very fun. I need to start using this for my language sessions.

Also last night Jee* called and we arranged a whole meeting on the phone in Korean.

SRS now have a Victory Chart on my wall. I finished adjectives but haven’t got much farther this week.

Also I haven’t been meeting people for concentrated Korean study. I really need to do so and not slack off in that part of language learning.