Today I read the children’s books 눈의 여왕 스텔라, and finished 내 친구 네이선 (I had fallen asleep reading it last night). The first is about a snowstorm, and the second about a child remembering his friend who died.

I also had a two hour language session with a Korean friend this afternoon. We used two stories from More Comics and Conversation as a jumping off point. In the last half hour or so we watched seven minutes of Mr. Bean on a Blind Date. Then my friend talked for two and half minutes about what happened while I recorded him. Afterwards we both listened to the recording together, pausing at words or phrases that I couldn’t catch or didn’t know.

My favorite phrase today: 윽박 지르다
New Sentences Input: 85 (more than half connected to words from Survival Korean Vocabulary)
Read: 난 너하고 달라 pg. 94 – 118, 눈의 여왕 스텔라, 내 친구 네이선
Language Session: 2 hrs