Highlight: Thursday, I was able to tell the train people that I lost a watch and arrange by phone to pick it up. That was a kind of simple but nice accomplishment.

Today I will have two hours of Korean practice with a helper — the first I’ve had in a long long time. I’ve started to log my study again this week — I think it’s important because I’m studying little bits by little bits but not studying as concentrated as I should. Specially the last several weeks it has been hard because I had to prepare for open class. I need lots more practice speaking and listening to Korean, and also lots more hours reading Korean and studying (looking up sentences and going through my SRS.)

For my trip to China and Mongolia I want to work primarily on Hanja, but bring a book or two to read as well (maybe one book). Also I’ll bring my Korean Bible (of course) and my mp3 player stocked full of audio so I can practice listening.