July 1st (Day 9) I input 55 sentences, but on days 10-11 I didn’t input any sentences. I need to work on consistency. Also these days even when I put in sentences I don’t do any reps.

Today I had four hours of language sessions with two different conversation partners. Lots of practice speaking and listening but I want to learn at least 7 new words per hour (so 28 words in the two sessions together), and I don’t think I quite made it. In my last session we watched Mr. Bean at the hospital and recorded my helper retelling the story for four minutes. I’m finding this way very helpful way to get more natural speech to listen too.

I inputted 41 sentences, mainly getting words from a book I’m reading and a newspaper article about North Korea’s missile test.

Journal Entries for July: 1
Total Sentences for July: 96