The last week I have been unable to study much Korean (basically no SRS or new sentences) because I was preparing to take a trip. However, I was able to practice lots of Korean at work, and hang out with Korean friends Sunday. Monday night and Tuesday night I slept at my homestay house, and that also gave me practice listening and speaking. In the last few days of this week I watched the first part of the recent drama 찬란한 유산.

During my trip to other parts of Asia I’ll not have as much time to study. . . so I’m somewhat modifying my goals for this month and then start regular language learning when I get back in late August.

Goals for this Month (July 17 – August 18)

  • Memorize 1000 Hanja with Remembering The Traditional Hanzi
  • Read 가시고기 & 아홉살 인생.
  • I have loads of Korean audio on my mp3 player and there should be lots of time waiting or on buses and trains. . . I plan to make the most of all that time and get loads of listening by having my earphones plugged in whenever I can.

    The Hanja goal is basically 900 new Hanja as I know the first hundred already. As I won’t have access to computers too often (so hence will not be logging every day of this trip) I’ll use flashcards. . . I brought five hundred and will be cutting each into four squares to make small cards that hopefully I can use easily for review.

    Progress So Far

  • till pg. 32 of 아홉살 인생