Day 99

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A lot of listening, but not much Anki reps. I started reading Wikipedia’s article for the day, on the Korean press corp, but haven’t finished it yet.

Day 98


Today I studied Anki sentences for fifty minutes. I had a bunch of interesting sentences that I had added before the summer but I’m seeing now for the first time including this one, "험프티 덤프티는 한 때 외벽타기에서 겨우 균형을 맞춰 오다가 지난 2년 동안 좌익으로 너무 기울어져 이제는 떨어져버린 우리의 정치적 이데올로기의 상징으로 볼 수도 있겠다." In general I’m finding more and more that long sentences are not too useful if there are loads of words I don’t know — it’s much more sensible to break the sentence up and learn each word separately. We’ll see about the above one if I have to break it up. . . I think it’ll be all right in this case.

Saturday I also did about an hour of Anki sentences. Sunday (yesterday) I spent all afternoon (and some of the morning) talking and interacting in Korean with friends from church. I’ve been listening a lot to Maybee의 볼륨을 높여요 and understanding much more. I really like the podcast. . . . and a new hour and fifteen minutes is released every day which gives me loads of audio content.

I’ll try to be better writing daily updates of my progress and studying — I haven’t been doing a good job the last few weeks.

Day 94


Anki Reps: 51 minutes, 550 cards
Hanzi Reps: 5 minutes

I now have 1197 unseen cards in my sentence deck. (I think I did around 160 new cards today.) It’s interesting seeing cards I had forgot I added from before my month of traveling in the summer.

I really want to start adding more sentence cards but adding new cards will be much more fun when I can start reviewing them right away instead of three months later.

Day 93

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Today I did mainly sentence reps. I have around 1400 new cards (around 2000 last week) that I’ve been wanting to finish so that in the future when I add cards, I can work on them right away. I don’t want to spend all my time on sentence reps either though.

Yesterday I did 1.3 hrs rep. In the evening I had dinner with a bunch of Korean friends. Sunday (Day 90), I spent the whole afternoon and evening with Korean friends in Korean — mainly listening but some talking too. It was loads of fun interacting so long in Korean, but a bit tiring as well and made me realize that I still have a lot to improve.

Today I’ve been listening mostly to Maybee의 볼륨을 높여요 podcasts. I like the announcer’s voice, but when I first listened today to it I could barely understand anything. Now I’m finding I can understand a tiny bit more, but still most of the time I have no idea what they’re talking about even when I understand individual words or phrases.

I’m up to page 80 of 넛지 (Nudge). I noticed Outliers also has a Korean translation, so I’ll try to get a copy of that as soon as I’m done with 넛지.

Sentence Reps: 2 hrs, 1159 reps


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I’m going to put up another advertisement for conversation helpers.

Day 88

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The last few days have been pretty bad study wise, although I’ve managed to keep myself immersed in listening. I’m reading the Korean translation of 넛지 : 똑똑한 선택을 이끄는 힘 (Nudge) as well, and even though there are loads of words I don’t know I am surprised how much I am able to follow.

Anki Reps: 1.6 hrs, 597 cards (120 new cards)

Day 85

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Although I’m only at Hanzi number #224 I can already see how helpful it will be. It has helped with spelling, remembering words and connecting words together to remember them easier. Today I felt very pleased I was able to recognize easily 苦 in a headline from a newspaper I picked up on the way to work. I really hope Heisig’s 2nd book comes out quickly.

Hanzi Reps: Learned 224 characters, 1276 to go! Today I did 44 minutes of Hanzi Anki (191 cards). According to my card stats, I did 156 new cards this week. . which makes about 22 per day.
Sentence Reps: 1.4 hrs (722 words). I inputted 89 sentences from 한국어 어회 연습 (up to page 27).

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