I’m back from a very long vacation, longer then I originally planned.

I haven’t made much progress on my goals while I was traveling — I only was able to work (and not even memorize all) of the first 250 Hanzi. I have sixty pages left of 아홉살 인생, but I haven’t got very far from where I was in 가시 고기. I did read a lot in the New Testament though, finishing Mark and almost finishing Luke. I have noticed since being back in Korea last week that I can read a lot faster and more comfortably then before.

The listening front has gone better — there might have been only two or three days at the most that I didn’t listen to some Korean. Often I was able to get several hours of Korean listening in.

When I just got back I was very tired from traveling so mainly read 아홉살 인생 and watched episodes 8-28 of 찬란한 유산. The last couple days I’ve been working on the script for 꽃 보다 남자 (Boys over Flowers), reading it and underlining and looking up words I don’t know. There are quite a few — yesterday I was able to mark up to scene 32. Today I read several newspaper articles in today’s newspaper and did the same thing, marking words I don’t know. I’ll find sentences with the marked words in the dictionary and then add them to Anki. (I haven’t done any Anki when traveling, so I have 3,200 cards but 1500 of them are due.)