I mostly worked on 꽃보다남자 today. I listened to the first two sections of episode 2 on Viikii. Viikii is quite a good resource when the Korean subtitles are available. I was able to find 40 new words from the first section of episode 2 and 20 from the second section. Now I need to find sentences in the dictionary for them and put them in my Anki file for review.

I also decided to follow Korean in Kuwait‘s example and edit out the music for the first episode of 꽃보다남자 — which gave me 33 minutes of language only compared to 65 if I was listening to the whole thing. My plan is to loop it and start listening to it constantly.

I did 12 minutes also of Anki — all review trying to catch up on the cards that piled up when I was traveling.