Today I did mainly sentence reps. I have around 1400 new cards (around 2000 last week) that I’ve been wanting to finish so that in the future when I add cards, I can work on them right away. I don’t want to spend all my time on sentence reps either though.

Yesterday I did 1.3 hrs rep. In the evening I had dinner with a bunch of Korean friends. Sunday (Day 90), I spent the whole afternoon and evening with Korean friends in Korean — mainly listening but some talking too. It was loads of fun interacting so long in Korean, but a bit tiring as well and made me realize that I still have a lot to improve.

Today I’ve been listening mostly to Maybee의 볼륨을 높여요 podcasts. I like the announcer’s voice, but when I first listened today to it I could barely understand anything. Now I’m finding I can understand a tiny bit more, but still most of the time I have no idea what they’re talking about even when I understand individual words or phrases.

I’m up to page 80 of 넛지 (Nudge). I noticed Outliers also has a Korean translation, so I’ll try to get a copy of that as soon as I’m done with 넛지.

Sentence Reps: 2 hrs, 1159 reps