Day 129

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I did 10 minutes of Anki reps yesterday and 24 today. I also went to the library and borrowed two children books — one of them 엄마 만나러 가는 길, which I started reading.

I’ve also started watching two dramas — 미남이시네요, and 아기씨를 부탁해. I’m continuing to listen to Maybee의 볼륨을 높여요 (I listened to a bunch yesterday and today).

These days I’m trying to think about how to revamp my study habits and methods. I need to specially work on speaking, intonation and pronounciation and I’m not sure yet what will be the best strategy.

I feel I need to also continue working full throttle on listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar. . .

Read to page 50 of 엄마 만나러 가는 길. . .very interesting book. I want to finish this quickly and check out the other books by the same author.


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I’ve been trying the last few days to figure out what I should do to get better at Korean. Key things — relax and have fun, and then second thing immerse oneself as much as possible in Korean in all that I do.

Day 127

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The last few weeks I had very little time for Korean study. . . instead I was writing and rewriting my Korean speech. I finally was able to get a good 5 minute speech with friends help last Friday and worked all weekend and yesterday on memorizing it for today’s speech contest. I didn’t win any prize: in the discussion of each contestant before giving prizes the judge told me that I had to study harder and specially took issue with my pronounciation. . .

Day 105

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I got my computer fixed today finally in the evening and was able to do a little bit of Anki reps. I also wrote the first four paragraphs for a Korean speech contest I hope to take part in, and read some more in 사도행전.

Day 104

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The last few days I’ve been running into heaps of trouble with my computer — which has made it much harder to do Anki reps.

I’ve been able to redeem some of the time by reading 비밀의 도서관 (up to page 44) and 사도행전 (up to the middle of ch. 21).