I did 10 minutes of Anki reps yesterday and 24 today. I also went to the library and borrowed two children books — one of them 엄마 만나러 가는 길, which I started reading.

I’ve also started watching two dramas — 미남이시네요, and 아기씨를 부탁해. I’m continuing to listen to Maybee의 볼륨을 높여요 (I listened to a bunch yesterday and today).

These days I’m trying to think about how to revamp my study habits and methods. I need to specially work on speaking, intonation and pronounciation and I’m not sure yet what will be the best strategy.

I feel I need to also continue working full throttle on listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar. . .

Read to page 50 of 엄마 만나러 가는 길. . .very interesting book. I want to finish this quickly and check out the other books by the same author.