This Saturday my brother and I canceled the English class I had been trying to do three times every week for the last couple months. It’s very nice — now I should have a lot more time to study Korean and make some progress on individual Korean study. . . something that specially the last month or so I feel I have been able to do so little on.

Classes will be ending soon more and more at school which should give me more time to study Korean in my free time as well. I hope to spend a lot of break during the winter vacation on Korean studying as well.

AJATT had several key pieces of advice I’ve been thinking about and would like to keep in mind this month and in the future ahead:

The amount of Japanese you do when no one’s watching will determine how much Japanese you can do when everyone’s watching.
As far as you’re concerned, a language isn’t for knowing at some idyllic point in the future. It’s a toy. It’s for playing with right NOW.
To immerse is to place yourself in a super high-probability “field” of exposure to Japanese words. So relax. You’ll get it all eventually.
Replace the desire to be fluent with the desire to do something small and useful now…that will bring you closer to fluency than you are.
Don’t judge yourself by the *stock* of Japanese knowledge you have, but by the *flow* of Japanese knowledge you’re placing yourself in.

Partly because I’ve been very busy, and partly a combination of D* coming and my Korean brother going to Australia and me wanting to help him, I’ve not been as careful as making sure that I’m in the flow continually all the time. Specifically with regard to listening to audio. . . I think before D* came I often got five or six hours of non concentration side Korean listening per day. . . and it got to almost zero.

My hanja study went completely by the wayside as well as my studying of the two books I was using to study grammar and vocabulary that were geared to the TOPIK.