Today I did 36 minutes in my Anki deck. I also read two very interesting articles from 켜르르 Love연필로 쓴 글과 컴퓨터로 쓸 글의 차이 and 조용한 대학살 낙태, 이제는 막아야 한다 (both about six pages each). The second one on abortion in Korea I understood easier than the essay on the difference between writing with a pencil and writing with a computer. I read to understand it but with a highlighter. . . highlighting words I didn’t recognize. I want to look these up and put them in Anki. On a hunch that reading articles might work the same as text messages that I don’t understand, I started reading the 낙태 article again and found I understood even more of it the second time.

I really like 켜르르 Love — it has lots of very interesting articles on lots of subjects. . . a while ago I started reading a few articles on the importance of outward appearance in Korean culture that I had also found over there.

I’ve been thinking lately of what Katz said: “Don’t judge yourself by the *stock* of Japanese knowledge you have, but by the *flow* of Japanese knowledge you’re placing yourself in.”. I want to keep on thinking of ways I can put myself more in the “flow”.