I did 47 minutes of Anki. Lately I’ve been trying to do around 100 new sentences every day. I would like to work an hour a day on sentences with Anki, so I’ll see how it goes to see if I need to make do more new sentences per day to hit that watermark. If I need to do less per day I can also change that. . . although so far it seems 100 new sentences is not building up to much review.

I want to be careful and work on consistancy rather than working on a lot of sentences all at once and then having to pay for it later when I get a hump of reviews.

I’ve also started following Katz’s advice and starting to delete sentences I don’t like. Rather hard, but so nice to not have those nasty sentences always troubling me.

I still have a reserve of “unseen cards” that I typed in and collected a while ago so I don’t have to find 100 new sentences every day. If I keep going at the rate I am I’ll run out soon enough though and will have to start more heavily sentence mining.

This is my sentence mine stats for right now:
Total number of cards: 3952
Total number of facts: 3952

Card Maturity
Mature cards: 1784 (45.1%)
Young cards: 1026 (26.0%)
Unseen cards: 1142 (28.9%)
Average interval: 40.5 days

Card State
Active cards: 3867 (97.8%)
Inactive cards: 0 (0.0%)
Suspended cards: 85 (2.2%)

Correct Answers
Mature cards: 90.3% (1752 of 1941)
Young cards: 78.1% (10360 of 13269)
First-seen cards: 77.9% (3388 of 4350)