I was doing Anki rather regularly, but with the training conference for EPIK I was able to do Anki the first few days but not afterwards, with the result that I have rather a backup of cards I have to process.

The week before last I went to church and prayed in public for the first time at our small group meeting. I’ve become pretty comfortable giving prayer requests now so that has been really nice. Last night and the night before I slept at G*’s place. He’s going to Australia soon, and I want to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves. Yesterday we had a kind of English class for an hour and a half and then hung out just talking for several hours afterwards. I felt very happy because I could understand most of the conversation, even when Hyung was talking about his love relationships — something he likes to talk about but in the past I’ve found it often hard to understand.

Hyung will only be here till the thirtieth, so I plan to stay at his place till then, since I won’t have any time afterwards to be with him. That will be about two weeks of homestay. . . hopefully I’ll learn a lot of Korean and Korean culture in this time as well as become better connected with him and his friends.