I’m pretty discouraged about my language study these days.I learned 영
and 아예 two days ago — 영 as in 기계가 영 신통치 않다 and 아예 as in 아예 그런 짓은 말아라 . When I looked up the words in Survival Korean Vocabulary (about 6000 most common words) that I thought I would already have mastered a while ago, I found both words there.

Last week there were three days when I couldn’t do Anki reps, and as a result my Anki reviews piled up fast. However I did forty minutes yesterday and 1.3hrs today and have almost taken care of the buildup. 100 new sentences a day seems fine when I am able to do forty minutes a day. When I’m not it builds up rather quickly.

Today I’ve been trying to evaluate my communities of language practice — how much practice I get in real life interactions in Korean on a day to day basis with friends and people I meet. I want to increase and deepen these communities in the next month. I haven’t been able to meet with a regular language helper since the summer. I’d also like to start studying with someone like that again. Because I generally enjoy studying, I find myself often getting stuck in lots of reading and sentences and self-study. I have to remind myself that to really learn language I have to practice it where it really exists. . . with other people. My weakest point right now is speaking — and the way it will be improved is by practicing loads with tons of people any opportunity I can get.