I’m pretty discouraged about my language study these days.I learned 영 and 아예 two days ago — 영 I heard first talking with Sl* when I went shopping with her and G* Hyeong at 이마트. 아예 I had heard from her and also I* Ssem, but I was only able to look it up in the dictionary then. When I looked up the words in 6000 Survival Vocabulary that I thought I would already have mastered a while ago, I found both words there.

I also haven’t been able to get language sessions for a while or read books regularly (although I have managed to have little bits of book reading). The EPIK training conference was a little bit an unusual distraction, but still I feel discouraged that I wasn’t able to keep up my 101 new sentences per day or my Anki reviews. I feel that is such a basic baseline I should make sure I meet every day.

I am reading some stuff from Greg Thompson for more ideas and to reevaluate my language study program.

I have to keep these words in mind: “A healthy language learner’s life will be filled with people. ” I really want to be involved in people, but I quite enjoy just reading and studying by myself so I find that reading those kind of articles and evaluating my sociable status is quite important for general health and for my language learning.