I’ve been trying to think of ways to retune my language learning. I feel I’ve made big strides forward but there is still a long way to go.

Language Helpers: Since going to Mongolia, I haven’t met anyone regularly for language study. Perhaps because I don’t want to waste time or get the wrong people, I redid my advertisement to include a price up front so I don’t have to negotiate that when we first meet. I also say I’m an American which might pique the interest of people who wouldn’t want to tutor a Japanese or Mongolian but would be interested in meeting an American. I also will put up the advertisements now so that I get people who are resident here and not at home for break. I’ll only advertise in the main city near the village I live, because at this stage in my language learning having Saturday not committed to Seoul helps me build my relationship circle.

Communities of Practice (Relationships): I really want to limit the amount of time I spend with other foreigners even though it might be easier to set up appointments with them and do things with them instead of hurting them or causing misunderstandings.

I want to grow in relationships with every one of the people at the small group at church and be able to be a good person in that group.