Today I got a lot of reading done (as you can see from the stats below). Actually since I’ve taken part in the International L2 Reading Contest, I’ve been surprised how much reading I can fit in my day.

Today when I had conversation practice I first read a chapter of 별을 헤아리며 and then we talked about it and practiced summarizing the contents. My language helper remarked that I was reading a lot faster. I might have been (which is encouraging) but when we recorded by accident a bit of myself speaking Korean, I sounded terrible. I sounded still too much like a foreigner. I have to work more on my accent and intonation.

Reading Stats for today:
책: 내가 처음 쓴 일기, pg. 66-94 (27 pg)
바보, 바보, pg 32-45 (10pg)
몽실 언니 pg 62 – 108 (43 pg)
별을 헤아리며 pg 31-pg 40 (10pg)
인터넷: (1pg.)
합계: NF: 38pg F: 53 pg