My Korean test (TOPIK 한국어 능력 시험 18회) is 2 1/2 hrs away. I’m testing for the 중급 which I tested for last year but failed miserably.

The test is three and half hours from 2pm to five thirty. Last year I took both 초급 in the morning and 중급 in the afternoon. . . and a whole day of testing was very tiring. Three hours and a half doesn’t sound that bad compared to then.

I haven’t studied much directly for the test, wanting it more to function as an evaluation of where I’ve come then something to worry about. This last week I went over old tests, but most of the last month and half I have focused on conversation (and this last month on reading). I’m a bit curious how much it has carried over into the things that will be tested — reading, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.

Writing was my lowest score last year. I’ve practiced extensively with Lang-8, so I’m curious if there will be any difference there as well.

Well, I better take a shower. . . and head over there. 화이팅!