Looking forward to April

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These days I’m getting lots of speaking practice but I haven’t been able to do much reading (as is obvious from my Study Progress Worksheet). I have several books I’m in the middle of that I’ve been wanting to finish for a while.

This month I want to continue the intensive speaking practice as well as really working on reading. I’ve joined the International L2 Reading contest.

I haven’t been able to keep up on my Anki either. My goal is to review reps for an hour every day but I find it hard to sit that long working at it.

For this month I’m going to try to break up my Anki study time (20 min in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, and 20 in the evening) to make it easier to finish an hour every day. I’ve tried this before with varying amounts of success.

Looking back on March


Dedicating 8/10 hours per week to practicing Korean conversation during the month of March has really helped. I feel a lot more fluent and can say longer sentences without pausing and stumbling. I also feel more relaxed and confident that people will understand me.

In our practice sessions, we usually spend part of the time on watching or reading something (a Pingu episode (I’ll start Mr. Bean this week) or reading a chapter from a book).

Then I try to summarize the story. After I’ve tried to summarize it in my broken Korean, my friend summarizes the story. This last summarization we record, and then we go over the recording together, pausing whenever there’s a word or phrase that I don’t know or can’t catch. This constant retelling of More

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