Week B

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A little bit of a late wrapup of week B. I got only two hours of scheduled conversation practice, but fortunately also several hours at church on Sunday.

I’ve been putting more words in Anki as I’ve run out of new cards. I added a whole slew of cards with election related words from some articles I had read on the election a few weeks back.

I’ve also read a whole bunch of Twitter and Me2Day. . . skimming, reading, and adding words that seemed interesting or useful to my Anki deck.

A success and a depressing reminder

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It seems learning any language is full of times of triumph and sucesss mixed with valleys of despair and failure. Perhaps on way we can see our progress is by the frequency of both — as we progress we should see more successes. However, as we participate more and more as an insider in a language’s community we will also see more failures as we find ourselves in more and more varied situations with different kinds of people.

Yesterday was one of those days. I went to the hospital to explain several days of fever, headache, earache and nausea and some kind of drug. In the past I’ve often found it hard to speak Korean to doctors — often their English is quite good and they want to practice it and often they know more medical words then I would. However this time I did everything in Korean — talk to the lady at the desk, give my identity number to the nurse and talk to the doctor in Korean. He talked completely in Korean as well . . . so I was quite pleased. A triumph. Not only can I explain a whole bunch of symptoms to a doctor and ask about the medication, I was also at a high enough level that I could keep him from switching to English when he was speaking with me.

But hard after this triumph of success came More

Week A

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Week A I got much less Korean work done than I had hoped for. The big highlight of the week was starting and finishing the first volume of the 만화 Bleach. However, I had wanted to read one other book as well and I only got a few pages in it.

Either I was sick (I was sick with a high fever friday night through Sunday) or More

A new experiment

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이번주부터 매주마다 한국어 공부를 적고 목표를 세우려고 시도 해볼 거다. 이번주 (월요일부터)를 주 A라고 부를 거다. 이번주 목표가몇개 있는데, 지금은 비밀로 해놓고, 이번주의 마지막 날에 얼마나 진행됐는지를 알려 줄 것이다.

I’ll try a new experiment to make goals and record my Korean study — on a week by week basis. This week (which starts on Monday) I’ll call week A. I have some goals for this week but I’ll keep it secret for now, and give an update at the end of the week on the progress made.

Korean movies and the srs

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This evening I borrowed two movies from my neighborhood dvd rental place. I’ve been getting movies and dramas a lot of other ways, but the nice thing about renting them is that they come with Korean subtitles.

As GoldFibre has mentioned before, Mac has a pretty cool way to take screenshots (command-shift-3), so I’ve been taking screenshots of pretty much any line of dialogue I don’t understand. After I’ve collected a bunch of shots, I batch resize them with xnview and then put them in Anki. The screenshot goes in the question field and any definitions or notes in the answer field.

I’ve done it a bit the last few weeks and its quite nice how easy it is to work on listening as well as quickly add large amounts of useful grammar or vocabulary to my srs database.

Today I started working on 식객 a quite funny movie about cooking. It has a bunch of 사투리 (dialect) which is always fun as well! Unfortunately it was so fun I didn’t do other study I had scheduled for today. . . oh well.

Looking back — May & April, forward – June

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This is a slightly late look back on last month and the end of April. The last few months have been incredibly busy at work. Fortunately I use Korean a lot at work and have still continued to work on Anki (though not as intensely as before) and continued reading (I’m almost finished with 몽실 언니). I’ve also been watching dramas (including the very interesting 개인의 취향), and still meeting with several language helpers to develop my conversation skills.

I’ve been terrible at updating my progress report every day. I’m in two minds whether its a help or a hindrance in getting work done. Even when I do keep it it is only a very small snapshot of the language learning activities I do every day.

This next month I want to work harder on reading — reading both the More

TOPIK Results

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I passed 3rd level in Intermediate but barely missed 4th level (because of writing). My score from this year was: 266 66.50 합격
어휘 및 문법 : 80 / 쓰기 : 49 / 듣기 : 74 / 읽기 : 63

A big improvement from last year. Last year it was 164 41.00 불합격
어휘 및 문법 : 48 / 쓰기 : 26 / 듣기 : 57 / 읽기 : 33.

In all it was a decent improvement in all areas, but I want to do much better. My plan right now is to take the Topik again in September and when they offer it later in the fall.