This is a slightly late look back on last month and the end of April. The last few months have been incredibly busy at work. Fortunately I use Korean a lot at work and have still continued to work on Anki (though not as intensely as before) and continued reading (I’m almost finished with 몽실 언니). I’ve also been watching dramas (including the very interesting 개인의 취향), and still meeting with several language helpers to develop my conversation skills.

I’ve been terrible at updating my progress report every day. I’m in two minds whether its a help or a hindrance in getting work done. Even when I do keep it it is only a very small snapshot of the language learning activities I do every day.

This next month I want to work harder on reading — reading both the fiction books I’ve already been working on and also reading a page or two of the newspaper every day. My normal practice when reading is to read to get the gist of the passage, and then later look up words I don’t know and put related sentences (often from the dictionary) in Anki for review.

I also want to find more ways to practice speaking. I’ve already joined a bible study at church and that provides lots of speaking and listening practice on Sundays. Most people at work I speak with in Korean, but not everyone so I can still increase my Korean speaking there.

The last thing I want to focus on this month was also my lowest score in the TOPIK — writing. One of the ways I plan to change that is by reading more. Even though a native speaker, I learned most of my English writing skills by reading.

Writing practice is also important (although I find it tremendously discouraging). This month I’ll try writing something every day — either a diary entry, a letter, or a book report.