This evening I borrowed two movies from my neighborhood dvd rental place. I’ve been getting movies and dramas a lot of other ways, but the nice thing about renting them is that they come with Korean subtitles.

As GoldFibre has mentioned before, Mac has a pretty cool way to take screenshots (command-shift-3), so I’ve been taking screenshots of pretty much any line of dialogue I don’t understand. After I’ve collected a bunch of shots, I batch resize them with xnview and then put them in Anki. The screenshot goes in the question field and any definitions or notes in the answer field.

I’ve done it a bit the last few weeks and its quite nice how easy it is to work on listening as well as quickly add large amounts of useful grammar or vocabulary to my srs database.

Today I started working on 식객 a quite funny movie about cooking. It has a bunch of 사투리 (dialect) which is always fun as well! Unfortunately it was so fun I didn’t do other study I had scheduled for today. . . oh well.