I’m trying to work on improving my Korean several different ways. I have two more weeks where I can study Korean pretty much full time and one week where I’ll only have two hours of teaching every day so I should be able to study a decent part of that time as well.

I had a lots of lots of language practice. This weekend I spent almost the whole time with H* hyeong and so was communicating the whole time pretty much in Korean with him, his friend from Daegu Ho*형 and then on Sunday with the Bible study group. At church and with the Bible study group I realized I was a lot more fluent. . . and I think it was because I had a whole Saturday to practice and get used to Korean.

I have to find a good way to balance Korean study with other things I do.

Last week I started to go to the main city nearby to study — it’s quite nice to study in a cafe and doesn’t feel as lonely as studying at home by oneself. The atmosphere is nice, and most of the places have internet so I can still do whatever studying being on the internet requires and keep in touch with people on facebook and ichat (which I’m not sure is the best way to concentrate, but oh well 😛 kk)

Goals for Week H
Finish the third volume of IQ84( till page 102)
Put all the sentences of 한국어 문법 연습 into Anki.
Write a lot of diary entries, summaries, and prayers for lang8.
Start reading news articles and writing summaries of them.
Star leraning songs.
Work on putting the movies into Anki
Finish reading the Psalms the way I’ve been doing it (시 18:15)