Using an Ipod touch to learn Korean


Yesterday (besides worrying about the TOPIK 고급 test) I ordered a 64gb ipod touch. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while and when the new one came out I finally decided to take the leap.

I’ll be using the ipod touch primarily for Korean study (no other part of my life really exists ㅋㅋㅋ). Listening to Korean songs with lyrics, audio books, and using the Anki app program.

Does anyone know what the best Korean dictionary apps (or other Korean language or Korean language learning apps) are? I’m new to the whole ipod/iphone thing so any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.^^

Update (30/11/2011): After trying out a few dictionaries I found my favorites (pulled from the comments):

I really like Prime Doosan Dong-A Kor/Eng 두산동아 프라임 영한/한영사전 . it has loads of example sentences (which I really like, and use for inputting in to Anki). וUnfortunately it doesn’t have the audio for the words. . . if you want that, I would recommend the Korean-Korean dictionary Dong-a’s Prime 표준국어 사전. That one also has example sentences but of course no English translation.

For more info on Korean ipod dictionaries look here.

Advanced TOPIK


I took 고급 TOPIK test this morning. It was in some ways not as hard or confusing as I thought it would be. On the other hand it was terribly hard. Writing specially, even though I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months trying to work on writing. Obviously I need to work more intensively on that.

I wanted to get 5th level but I don’t think I even got that. I am curious about my listening and reading scores though because listening seemed the easiest (and reading also didn’t seem too bad.)

I have registered for the November 7 test so I have about two months to study for it.

I’m going to think a bit about how I need to plan my studying (both in quantity and methods) the next two months.