The last few months I’ve been studying Korean a bunch but not writing about it very much.

I found new language helpers to meet with every week for talking practice — but the amount of hours I was able to meet each week varied greatly. However, even though there was a large variance in how many hours I’ve actually been able to meet a week — from two to four hours a week to six or eight hours on some weeks. For two weeks after my TOPIK test I didn’t meet anybody officially for language practice at all.

Language practice with language partners has been mostly focusing on watching variety shows together  — episodes of  우리 결혼했어요 with one person and 개그콘서트 episodes with another person. We watch and pause when there is a word or phrase or part of the dialogue that I don’t understand. Sometimes our pauses become rather long because talking about one word leads to talking about other words or situations or are opinions on the characters actions. All the practice is totally in Korean and I usually try to get my language helpers to explain words I don’t know in Korean by using other words or making up situations where that word is used, rather than just looking in a dictionary.

Besides that kind of scheduled speaking and listening practice I’ve been lucky to be able to practice lots of time spontaneously with friends I meet or with teachers and children at school.

In my free time I have been using Anki on the ipod but not half as much as I should so I have a huge backlog of cards. I’ve also started several books but haven’t been able to finish any of them.

I used to listen to 나르샤 볼륨을 높여요 podcast a lot in my free time, but the source I was using to download that dried up so I’ve been forced to try to find other audio that I like listening too to keep on at all times. Two podcasts that I’ve enjoyed the most (both are available on Itunes) are 박혜진 만난 사람 and 매일 성경 QT 말씀. However both of them I sometimes have rather a hard time following or getting more than a general gist of the conversation. I know from experience with 나르샤 볼륨을 높여요 that if I listen constantly for a long enough time I’ll start understanding it but so far the not being able to immediately understand it aspect has kept me from listening to it as much as I should.

For reading I’ve started reading news articles (similar to GoldFiber’s approach) but so far I’ve only read twenty-seven. Since there is such a backlog in my Anki deck I’ve been reluctant to add that many new words from my news reading.