I translated a letter from school to parents for a friend today. It was only a page long, but rather discouragingly I had to look up more than 20 words to understand it all. Part of that is probably because of the formal language, but I do teach in a school and most of the time when I talk to teachers there about teaching I use Korean so I would have assumed that kind of language wouldn’t be too hard for me.

Well, all twenty words go in Anki and eventually if I plod away at it, the number of unknown words should go down. If I read a letter with similar content to this one, it definitely will be easier now!

Some words that I had trouble with were: 토대로, 일동, 보완, 완비, 충원, 진학, 개개인, 소재, 끼치다, 심려, 단계, 시행착오, 향후, 점검하다. Lots of very interesting words there, but I think my favorite was 시행착오 — trial and error. According to the dictionary one example sentence would be: 시행착오를 통해 배우다 learn by[through] trial and error. 점검하다 was actually written as 정검하다, which caused me rather a lot of trouble as it wasn’t in the dictionary.  After I finally messaged a Korean friend and gave her the example sentence she knew right away it should be 점검하다.