My screen for my laptop needed to be replaced so for the last few days I haven’t had a computer to work with. This has made it hard to keep up diary posts on Lang-8 I was doing pretty regularly for the last several weeks. I miss doing that and when I get my computer back I want to start right up again.

A bit of rest has allowed me to somewhat evaluate my journal and facebook entries. I usually have no trouble expressing what I want to say but when I compare my posts to my Korean friends (on Facebook and Twitter) I’m rather struck by the simple vocabulary and expressions I use over and over again compared to the rich and very varied expressions and words
I find in their posts.

It seems to be mainly vocabulary although they do use much more interesting grammar as well.

So how do I fix this problem in my diary entries and Facebook posts? Just being aware of the problem is one step. However I want to also keep on reading their posts and responses to my posts keeping a special eye out for words I don’t know or don’t use. And then try to incorporate them in my own posts.

The more I write the more fluent and correct my expressions should become
as well.