I found a neat way to study Webtoons. Webtoons is a bunch of Naver comic strips that come out online every day . . . and they archive all the old episodes as well so you can start at the beginning of a series that looks interesting, read to the present time, and then keep reading every week when a new episode comes out.

I’ve been looking at it off and on since living in Korea — it has bunches of fun dialogue and expressions, but I always had a hard time knowing how to study with it. It didn’t download to nicely, and when I tried to download it with my ipod webtoons app, it would only let me keep it saved for a bit.

But I found a solution — Firefox’s scrapbook extension. I usually use Chrome but I’ve found the scrapbook Firefox extension one of the niftiest tools for language study. With scrapbook you can save the pages to study later, as well as annotate your pages.