Of course all words are magical.

However, some words are more magical than others.

All words can convey meaning and emotion and sway your listener sometimes. Magic words you can do this much more often. To really learn a language well its not enough to just learn vocabulary lists and grammatical endings, but to learn which words are special and why. More than learning just whether  a word is positive or negative its crucial to learn which words resonate, and which just land on their hearer’s ears with a clunk.

In English we have lots of these words — mostly Anglo-Saxon origin that resonate with us much more than the Latin and Greek verbiage that has come into the language later. You find these Anglo-Saxon words in good speeches, in advertisements. . . in pop songs. They are the words that hit people, that people can understand.

But every language has this dichotomy — some words always have much more emotive force than other otherwise perfectly good words.

What are the magic words in Korean? I’ve been trying to discover them as I hear people talk, read books, look at collect Korean advertisements, and watch Korean drama. I’ve found some, but I want to find much more!