In Korea I worked at a village elementary school. Usually the kids were very sweet and behaved excellently. . . but there were always those times few and far between when one (or sometimes a couple) kids would act up. Since I was doing most of the teaching myself, I eventually became responsible for the discipline as well. I’m terrible at getting angry or scolding anyone even in English so I was a totally inept at it in Korean.

Scolding is an art in any language. . . and it was an art I was determined to learn in how to do in Korean. To correct my deficiency and give me more confidence, I made a list of expressions and phrases I heard teachers scold with students with. After the spelling was corrected at lang-8, they were recorded on RhinoSpike. They can all be found with the audio here. Some choice morsels:

까불지마 Don’t mess with me.
책들고 서있어 Stand up holding your book
자! 주목! Attention.
선생님이 얘기할때 어딜 다른 수다 떠냐? How dare you chat when the teacher is talking?
부모님이 그렇게 가르쳐 주셨니? Did your parents teach you to act thus?

The rest is here in Treasure Chest. I’ll keep on adding resources to the Treasure Chest.