It’s the magical turn of a phrase. . . you know the ones that cause people to stop and listen. They’re idioms, slang, 유행어 (trendy words). . . proverbs that are used often, and just plain expressions and words that, when you start using them, will find out are anything but plain.

I’ve started making a list of some phrases I’ve come across with friends or in my reading and drama watching that have taken my fancy. Here’s a few to whet your appetite. . .

• 한번 칼을 뽑았으면 끝을 봐야지! If you start a job, you must finish it!

• 어장관리 When a girlfriend is trying to get several guys to lover at the same time she is guilty of 어장관리.

• 사래 걸렸어. What you say when something gets caught in your throat while you are eating. I’ve never been able to say this without being complimented on my Korean. . . people are rather impressed.

And there’s many more over at A Turn of a Phrase. I’ll keep adding more to this list as well.^^