I’ve started recording my lang-8 entries so I get practice speaking my sentences out loud. Yesterday I made my first of these podcasts — uploading it as a youtube video so that people can easily listen to it in lang-8.

I’ve tried to make Korean podcasts regularly before but the production of those podcasts was a lot more involved. After they were written I had them corrected, and then often edited them again to get exactly what I wanted before I recorded them. It was fun but it also took a lot of time. I find I do more language entries the easier they are to do. At first I told myself I had to write long diary entries. Now I don’t have any problem writing a diary entry of of only a sentence or two. The lower entry barrier means I can write diary entries more often (often several time a day) and I feel my Korean has improved quite a lot as a result.

My next goal — try making the barrier for making audio podcasts also low. Either I’ll record myself speaking freestyle in Korean (I did this once before and it turned out pretty ok) or just read whatever entry I wrote earlier in the day.