These days I’ve been trying to think of how to further my Korean study with. Korean is not my main focus these days but I want to find ways to keep on progressing and getting better in small ways that don’t take time or energy from Turkish or Hebrew.

The last few weeks I write a diary entry every day or so. (Often more than one a day.) These are usually short — dealing with what I’m thinking or doing at the moment.

I’ve also been going off and on (starting this month) to a Korean church.

I want to continue doing that — as well as put the old corrected diary entries up on Rhinospike so I can get them recorded. That way I can review old words and expressions easily.

I’ve also decided to ramp up my couchsurfing profile. If I can use it to contact and meet Koreans that are visiting here I can either host them at my house (and practice Korean that way) or show them around Istanbul. I’m not exactly happy with my Korean when I meet people for the first time (I still sometimes get nervous). However if I meet people often it will become easier and easier.