The last few days I’ve started to put some of my Anki decks online using the new Anki deck sharing system.

I’ve put two decks so far. I’ll continue updating them as I include more sentences and more audio.

My primary sentence deck is full of sentences and phrases (in all 7326 sentences) that I’ve been working through and collecting the last couple years. It’s built on the smaller deck I published a while ago — here (at 4598 cards) so it has all the slang (and more) that was in that original deck.

The second deck I’ve added is a TTMIK Deck with audio. All the sentence cards (in this much smaller deck) include audio from the lesson podcasts.

Most of the lessons in TTMIK are pretty easy. However the last few days I’ve quite enjoyed  listening to them. Although originally it was primarily a bid to solidify my foundations and improve my pronunciation and intonation the more I listened I realized there were often several grammar points or words I either didn’t know or was not hundred percent comfortable using (either because of pronunciation issues or a general haziness on exactly how to use them).

As I come across lessons where there are sentences I’d like to continue reviewing, I’ve added them to this TTMIK lesson deck. I’ll continue to do so, picking and choosing whatever lessons seem interesting at the moment. Besides being a useful review tool for me, I hope it will also be useful to other people who use TTMIK.

Future Goals:

  • Make a sentence deck from random podcasts I listen to (together with the audio). I’ll start with my all time favorite podcast — 유인나의 볼륨을 높여요.
  • Make a sentence deck with sentences from favorite dramas. (Along the lines of  subs-to-srs, although I haven’t got that program to work nicely yet — if you’ve had any luck please let me know.)
  • Get and include audio for all the sentences in my main deck.
  • Make a sentence deck with the monologues I’ve collected so far (including adding more monologues).
  • Make a deck with interesting sentences (either because of vocabulary or grammar) from the Iyagi podcasts over at TTMIK.